Requested songs

Here are some songs from the book that were requested by reader Gnanabhaskar, that we found appropriate to include on the site. We try to honor all requests, but only some like these become suitable. Other suitable requests we get too will be added to this page, along with the name of the kind requester. As usual, the color coding indicates Pallavi, Anupallavi and Charanam.

Guru leka

But for a guru, the finest shall know not,

An end to prickly matters of the heart.

This coil, son, wealth, wife and kin,-
Even birth, shall in time, rot and pain;
Yet, the tenet he teaches from mercy,
Heals and keeps from which we be fain. 

Koluvaiyunnaade (Devagandhari)

Behold the mighty archer hold court,

So the pious may steal a glimpse;

Holy repast had in loving sport;
At His side, the queen and prince;
Azure robes and jewels clash,
With a billion lightning flash.
As the sages chant of the Word,
His joy sees men prospered.

Celestial nymphs in dance, shine;
As sages sing His glory divine;
As the Creator and the king of heaven,
Serve Him with love, I am struck!

The Lord of the moon-like face rests,
Upon the serpent of infinite crests.
As His queen anoints Him with scents,
His flock are bestowed their intents.
Add do I to this great pageantry,
Holding out betel on each gallantry.

Rama bhakti samraajyam

Most high the land of the Lord’s devotion,
Its subjects render bliss on sight.

A land past my stitched word,
By one’s own sight, averred.
Three worlds He made sporting,
Such is the Lord Whom I sing.