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Hechcharikaga rara

Raga Yadukulakamboji, 28 Harikamboji janya
Aa: S R2 M1 P D2 S Av: S N2 D2 P M1 G3 R2 S
Taalam: Kandachappu


heccarikagā rārā hē rāmacandra
heccarikagā rārā hē suguṇa sāndra

pacca viltunikanna pālita surēndra

kanaka mayamau makuṭa kānti merayaganu
ghanamaina kuṇḍala yugambulu kadalaganu
ghanamaina nūpura yugambu ghallananu
sanakādulella kani santasillaganu

āṇi mutyāla sarulallalāḍaganu

vāṇi patīndruliru varusa pogaḍaganu
māṇikya sōpānamandu mellaganu
vīṇa palkula vinucu vēḍka cellaganu

ninu jūḍa vaccu bhagini karambu ciluka
manasu rañjilla nī mahimalanu paluka
minu vāsulella virulanu cāla jiluka
ghana tyāgarāju kanugona muddu guluka
English verse:

Gingerly, gingerly, advance O Rama like the moon, full!
Gingerly, gingerly, advance O Rama, of virtues full!

O sire of the god of love,
He that hath the green bow;
O savior of the lord of the gods,
From overpowering odds,

As your azure crown shines forth,
Sway, your pendent earrings both;
As your fine anklets jingle, every great sage,
With the Four, rejoices at your visage.

As jewels of flawless pearls, quiver on your bosom,

Lightly descend the gem studded steps fulsome.
As the Creator and Indra exalt you on either side,
So goes the sight; hark the veena notes tide.

In her hand is a poll,
That doth, you, extol,
As your sister, to see you, draws near,
Whose words, to the mind, bring cheer.
All the celestials, from heaven, shower flowers profuse.
This noble bard watches on, as all, your allures suffuse.

Kama, the god of love, is said to wield a green sugar cane bow and to be a son of Vishnu. The sister alluded to, is Parvati, probably, in her aspect as Meenakshi worshipped at Madurai, who has a parrot in her right hand. The italicized charanas are not usually sung. Poll is a domesticated parrot. "The Four"- Sanaka, Sana, Sanatkumara and Sanandana were four great sages and sons of Brahma who always appeared together.

This kriti is from the Utsava Sampradaya cycle of kritis. "
Utsava Sampradaya" literally means (temple) festival tradition. These kritis constitute a complete set of songs describing all the celebrations and activities on a festive day in Rama's court, from his retinue waking the King from His sleep for a dip, to His marriage to Sita, to receiving worship and offerings, and to finally retiring for the day. Tyagaraja sees himself as one of the bards at court, witnessing these divine events. He addresses Rama and describes each event vividly. Generally simpler in melody and more direct in lyrics than his other cycles, the Utsava Sampradaya kritis correspond well to the nityaaradhana or daily services and festivities of Vishnu temples and are ideally suited for singing at those events, as well as on days of elaborate worship at one's home. In this kirti, Tyagaraja conducts Rama, from his palace, to his throne or presumably, his seat at court.

Extra Comments:
Extol is pronounced like "toll" in some parts of the world, and with an o sound like that in "golly" in others. I have required the latter sound here to keep with the rhyme.


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  1. I'm finding this such a pleasure to read. You have described the context very well. It feels divine to conjure up the image of a regal Rama