Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sogasu Juda

Raga Kannadagowla, 22 Karaharapriya janya
Aa: S R2 G2 M1 P N2 S Av: S N2 D2 P M1 G2 S
Taalam: Deshaadi



sogasu jūḍa taramā! nī

niganigamanucu kapōla
yugamucē merayu mōmu!

amarārcita pada yugamō!
abhaya pradakara yugamō!
kamanīya tanu ninditakāma!
kāma ripunuta! nī

vara bimba samādharamu
vakuḻa sumambula- yuramu
karadhṛta śara kōdaṇḍa!
marakatānga! varamaina

ciṛu navvō! mungurulu mari kannulatēṭō!
vara tyāgarājarcita! vandanīya! iṭuvaṇṭi

English verse:

Can another of such beauty be?
Glimmering cheeks and shining face
Feet adored by the celestial race,
Hands that are the saving grace;

Allures that Love does shame,
His Bane exalts Your name,
Kept, the Great Bow ever at hand,
Of crimson lips and bright blue arms,

O Finest Grace of divine charms!
A smile and curls over the face lie
As my worship's clear eyes rest high
Venerable past all is beauty such.

A simple song that describes the beauty of Rama's Person. Here we see some poetic art in the similies drawn. We also note that this was lyricist writing, than a poet, for a poet of Tyagaraja's sub-culture, would have easily gone overboard with vivid imagery. Extensive imagery was indeed the state of the craft there. Tyagaraja instead, had to satisfy the melodic scheme intended for the song. We have encountered most of the other allusions in other songs.

Extra Comments:
Sorry for the long absence. This time, first I was out of town due to health problems and then it was my computer. The various in-house software I use for this project just wouldn't work on my other machines. It took a morbidly long time to type and format this song on one of my spare machines. But, now, we are back.


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