Friday, January 8, 2010

Our New Address:

I am glad to tell you that we have a new URL for this blog, that will be easier to remember and find. Please update your bookmarks and also tell your friends and family who read this blog or may be interested. The present URL will also work. In time, we plan to clean up this site and move it from blogger to our own servers. Hopefully, this day will come soon. Our new address is:
On Updates to the site: I have received a lot of emails asking why I am not updating the site regularly and am not posting new songs. Sadly, ill health and other professional troubles have prevented me from writing new material for some time. But, this website remains uppermost in my thoughts. The first chance I get, I will resume writing this site and will put our music archive online. Some readers have most kindly offered to help me, in the time I am unable to write. I am unable to avail of such help because of the nature of this site. The perspective of music I develop on this site is quite different. So, I have to write it to keep up the continuity of theme and coherence. Besides, it is most enjoyable to write this. I just hope I get some respite soon and am able to write extensively.


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